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A $4bn biz without a live product just broke the record for the amount paid for a domain name. WTF is going on?

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When I tell people about a product I say "it's available on Amazon". They google Amazon "whatever product" and click a link

Probably you know a lot of people who never found what the address bar is for. I'd start to type in* on the address bar, autocomplete would do the rest but that's only because I'd typed it in some time in the past.

Its value is as part of the branding and the branding has value because Amazon have put in the effort to build a search engine which works if you ignore the false positives, logistics which mostly deliver and humongous data centres and warehouses to support it all., OTOH?

* You're partially right in that the .com variation is less use that the corresponding name under our local TLD.

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