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HPE downs Nimble-ful of HCI, lobs third hyperconverged system into its portfolio

Nate Amsden


Curious why HP didn't just go the synergy route with this solution. I mean plug a module or two in for nimble controllers, plug one of those storage modules in(apparently can do 40x2.5" drives which is plenty for all flash), a couple more servers for the hypervisor stuff, and integrated networking. No need for having to ship a rack, or much cabling, and plenty of capacity to scale out inside and/or outside the enclosure.

I suppose the main reason is it would probably cost a bit more, so perhaps offer it as a option (I suppose the obvious option would be a Nimble solution that runs inside a Synergy enclosure which really should be trivial I think Nimble uses just regular servers no special hardware architecture).

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