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"Feel free to explain why you think OSS developers owe you anything."

LOL. I don't think I need to because you just proved my point.

Condescending :showing or characterized by a patronizing or superior attitude toward others. (Merriam-Webster)

I don't believe that mentions anything about "entitlement" or being "owed" anything, but it does seem to jibe with my original use of the word in reference to the Mozilla developers. Why are you dragging "entitlement" into this, it has no place. You are correct, the Moz folks don't "owe" me (or any other user of their software) a damn thing. They are free to enjoy the bubble of rarified gas that they live in, and continue to churn out software that scratches whatever itches it is that they have, without regard to how the "lusers" feel about the changes they make to the software. And should those lusers ever get uppity and ASK FOR SOME FUNCTIONALITY that the collective mind at Mozilla deems to be unworthy, there is naught to do but ignore their pitiful pleas, and possibly, POSSIBLY, insinuate that they really don't know what they are asking for (even if it is something they had before, and have lost). They are just lusers, after all, not something to worry about while finding new ways to fuck-up what used to be the best browser on the Internet.

So let me ask you, what is your skin in the game? I've already shown mine - a desire to have the "Clear Downloads on Exit" functionality returned. That was literally the sum total of all I wanted. But why do you feel the need to defend the developers at Mozilla and launch an attack against my judgement as a "bad attitude"? That seems, hmm, almost condescending.

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