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Re: "We design on a computer. It's safe."

Then came "We design and test and verify on a computer. It's safe, the track record proves it.""

Soon to be followed by

"ooops. we got complacent. We didn't pay proper attention to "near miss" incidents, not least because we didn't keep the customer fully informed. Consequently quite a few people didn't properly record regulatory and design and manufacturing issues, leading to many more people who died unnecessarily, and then a few people threatened to sue us, but they weren't boardroom people and the money carried on coming in, so it was OK, wasn't it."

And then what? And when?

This week's Paris Airshow PR spinners may have come and gone, but in the real world, this show's not over yet. E.g. Ralph Nader's still out there in the background somewhere...

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