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Ahhhhh! What year is it?! Users left without direction or clue after Google Calendar 404s



Remember when during the days of timesharing, payroll processing, et al? Then came the day where small business could afford a computer. No more arguing with your timeshare provider in the "cloud"! No more lost data, or telecom problems. Reports now produced on time!

Now in our infinite wisdom, we jump back 20 years in time, AND expose our data to any hacker that has about a days time to help themselves to your data. WTF were they thinking? Then the bills come, and keep coming...

My schedule is my livelihood. All I need is on my phone; if that gets lost, I go to my home server. If that goes down, I restore frome tape. At the beginning of the day I print my calendar out and take it with me for convenience and safety. If I cannot manage my own calendar, how can my clients trust me to manage their critical data?

I wonder when we will go back to onsite again?

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