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Heck, I read it as random lines as in straight lines going across the screen in various areas.

That's what I read it as myself - and wondered initially if first it was a monitor/ram issue. Then began to wonder if something was screwing with the site layout in some way (like a failed attempt at a plugin/toolbar that added advertising to the page not rendering properly and just showing as a red line - or a tracking picture (those ones that used to be rendered as a 1x1pixel dot so they wouldn't show up but still give information about the IP and browser) - if someone got it wrong as 1x500 it could show up as a line. Something where the browser was interpreting a red background and the lines of text were being rendered with a little above/below space....

Users are seldom aware of the terms we use, and we are usually so far removed from their world we struggle to correctly interpret their descriptions... Any number of things can be the cause of an issue...

Ever come across someone who has weird lines on their screen but only at certain times of the day? Ever gone in to see them even at the right time and not been able to see the problem? Ever noticed on the 3rd or 4th time you're leaving that 1) it's a partly cloudy day and 2) there's Venetian blinds on a small window opposite where their desk is? (No I haven't, but I've heard it told by someone who is just trustworthy enough that I believe the story is only slightly exaggerated)

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