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I think the time has passed long ago that the interests of one nation lined up internally very nicely in parallel or in opposition to the interests of another nation / set of nations. Really there are the interests of the political / high-level bureaucratic class; the interests of big business and the related directors, owners, financiers and oligarchs; the interests of the middle classes; and the interests of everyone else.

Or collusion between those classes to serve their own interests, rather than their electorate. Tax policy is an area the EU's steadily encroaching on, or just serving big business for fun & profit. So Britsh Steel and carbon economics. Create an exciting new casino game that allows people to profit from economic activity, and make bank. If it means the collapse of British Steel, or car factories, or even Fiddler's Ferry, well, that's a small sacrifice for other people to make while the political class is saving the planet.

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