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Flight simulators are not perfect

My father worked in flight simulation for about twenty years. These were analogue computers and took up a lot of space with their pots, actuators, perspex cams and other arcana.

At one place he worked the pilots used to tease him about his "lousy Comet IV

simulator" because the plotter pen always drew their flights slightly wrong on the vertical map outside the fake cockpit. (There was a vertical map with a perspex cover and the plotter pen drew the flightpath in red ink. This could be wiped off after the exercise ended.)

This annoyed him for a long time as he could not find the source of the reported error.

Then, one day, some RAF Nimrod pilots turned up and had a go on the old jalopy. All the red lines were in exactly the right place, all the turns were made exactly on the beacons etc. They did point out, however, that it was a lousy Comet IV simulator because it wouldn't do barrel rolls properly.

Bloody users!

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