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Do you want a Kool-Aid with that, Huawei? You'll need one after watching boss chat to US mavens


True story.

I was once in a small meeting with Negroponte (the company I worked for helped fund his Media Lab). I made a rather simple observation of how telecommunications were evolving and why. No one commented, and I went back to my reticent ways.

A week or two later he gave a talk to a group which included Guilder, and he repeated that observation. Guilder grabbed it and dubbed it the Negroponte Switch.

I didn’t get the credit (to his credit, in an interview he said he didn’t originate the idea, but could not remember where he had heard it), but I gained confidence. No one listened to me at that company, but he had. I left for another job, and moved straight up the ladder. Funny how life works out.

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