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Feel free to explain why you think OSS developers owe you anything.

Moz gets some of their money from people wishing to pay for FF (or perhaps one or two other programs), and some from 'partnership' (eg search engine) deals associated with their products, correct?

The more people wishing to use it the more potential they have for income, correct?

The more Moz pisses users off and drives us away to other products, the less their market share - and the less their market share the less likely they will find people willing to give them money, correct?

They owe me nothing, I owe them nothing. If they show me loyalty and provide a product I am willing to use, I'll show them loyalty and use their product. OTOH, if they decide I really don't know how I use the product and I'm to dumb to know I really hate using it as it is (even when I say I love it just as it is), and they claim my productivity tools really aren't helping me and remove them (even though said tools might save me a considerable amount of time each day) - well, I'm going to ask them politely to leave such stuff alone. When they decide they know better than their users and remove functionality I'm going to ask them to restore it. When the iterate they know better I'm not going to bother any more.

From about FF V2 until somewhere IIRC in the mid 50s I was a loyal and staunch Mozilla supporter. I would try and sometimes use other browsers, but only to prove how lame they were in relation to FF. I now only have FF on my computer because. Um.. Lemme think.. Actually, do I even have FF installed now or did I quietly take it out behind the chemical shed? Maybe it's the old machine that has it? Some VM I haven't spun up in ages?

Whatever revenue could've been generated through me - that now goes elsewhere. Whatever support Moz could've had through me - that goes elsewhere. When someone has a FF problem, I 'fix' it by installing Waterfox or Pale Moon (same fix I do for IE and Chrome - yes Moz, FF now rates alongside IE!).

I show Moz the same loyalty and respect they show their users. I gave them many chances, was insulted for my efforts, so went elsewhere.

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