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This isn't Boeing to end well: Plane maker to scrap some physical cert tests, use computer simulations instead

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Load of rubbish

instead of doing things like bending actual, and highly expensive, components until they snap

And it is not as if Boeing doesn't "pass the cost" of these physical test(s) to the cost of a brand new airframe. This is just a way for Boeing to claw back more money. I seriously doubt that Boeing will say "the benefits of this is lower unit prices". Yeah, right.

Don't forget that Boeing has a (very) cozy relationship with the FAA where Boeing staff are allowed to "self certifies" a lot of their stuff.

The issue is not whether or not Boeing will be allowed to do this by the FAA (that's already a given). The issue is whether or not Boeing will be allowed by by the other regulators from other countries.

(When news of "Boeing self certify" broke, EU regulators immediately said that they were not going to "rubber stamp" FAA's approval for the 737 MAX to fly again. And then everyone joined that bandwagon. And when the Chinese regulators chimed in, FAA had no choice but to "invite" everyone into the 737 MAX review process.)

I don't believe foreign regulators will rubber stamp on the "computer simulation vs actual test". It will be tough road ahead for the FAA to win back the trust.

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