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One is that they don't in which case you'd better hope those unicorns come galloping over the horizon otherwise a good deal of the economy is goingto go the same way as Honda and Scunthorpe steel works.

Hopefully it won't be me needing to rely on unicorns for energy generation or transportation. But Honda (and Ford) and Scunthorpe are good examples of EU problems. Announce the ban on ICE vehicles. Watch in horror as ICE vehicle manufacture shuts down. Demonise diesel, and wonder why diesel engine production stops. Cheer as the EU tells us they'll be buying more US oil, gas and soybeans, but don't ask who'll they'll be fed to. I guess EUcrats could get into the pig feed business if that means more snouts in the trough.

Or the curious case of British Steel. Denied carbon permits, despite the UK still being in the EU. Forced to need those carbon permits because the EU hates industry. British (and EU) steel is uncompetitive pretty much entirely due to carbon and energy policies handed down from Brussels.. Along with stuff like banning coal power, even though it's EV policy and decarbonisation will require a huge amount of additional electricity generation.

Ok, it's not all the EU's fault. The UK's been taking industry and energy advice from schoolkids after all. But an independent UK could always repeal the Climate Change Act and reverse some of the damage that's done. Plus the UK has always seemed to polish the turds that float down from Brussels, instead of mostly ignoring them as France, Germany, Poland etc do.

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