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This isn't Boeing to end well: Plane maker to scrap some physical cert tests, use computer simulations instead


"simulations" and "models", bwahaha

Ever notice how CG graphics in movies tend to look... not quite right? Spend what you will, there's always a giveaway. In-camera effects, stunt work, THOSE look real. You'll never mistake a real stunt for CG.

Computer-generated anything all has the same flaw. They only contain what the creator knew about and tried to include. Furthermore, it's the designer's interpretation of something real, and again subject to human limits. Real life takes care of all the details. Hair blows right, the textures are good, objects move with correct inertia along the right paths. All the thousand little details that the best paid CG outfit would never think of.

Ask any test pilot. Their job is to find out how the craft flies in Real Life, including any little quirks of behavior the designers absolutely never imagined might happen. Boeing's models and simulations by definition do not include anything unexpected, and are unfit to "test" a toothpick for its breaking point.

I'll go farther and say that there's far too much reliance placed on this kind of crap, modeling in computers instead of Finding Out for real. It's the ultimate Search Bubble, you'll only see what you've seen before and the model can regurgitate back to you. Another flawless test! Oh, it crashed? Well, I guess we'll add that to the model!

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