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LinkedIn Scammers

I get a lot of LinkedIn crap (I only use it when changing jobs tbh) and about a year ago I received a request from a young attractive blonde woman who I didn't know.

Nothing particularly unusual there, but her job was as a Geography teacher at my kids' secondary school. I'm also a school governor (elsewhere) so I thought maybe she was a real person who was a staff governor. But when I checked with my kids, they said there was no-one of that name who worked at the school and she didn't appear on the school's website.

It took LinkedIn a good six months to remove her from the site, and bizarrely, I saw that some of my more gullible work colleagues (definitely not connected with the school) had actually connected with her.

I am still trying to work out how the scammers knew which school my kids go to. (They're not connected with me on LinkedIn because, well, they have better things to do with their time)

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