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UK industry calls for delay of IR35 off-payroll tax rules to private sector

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Anonymous Coward

Obviously the offshorers and integrators will love this

Many companies currently take the easy way out - need a team? TCS, get me some bodies, no interviews, no hassle, fly them over. Easy.

When it then comes to IR35 regulations and HR making the hiring manager's life even more complicated, they'll simply say bollocks to it and get some more TCS/WIPRO/MASTEK/Capita/Generic Body shop people. The already dwindling number of native PMs, BAs and Devs will just be replaced by hassle-free visas.

Web designers are apparently in short supply in this country and have been added to the list of skills needed to get a visa.

I wonder how hard our offshore "partners" have been lobbying for this?

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