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I am HMRC's target

Given my earnings, I'm currently paying back child benefit from 2 years ago. I live in Scotland, so I've then had to put up with the extra tax bands, then they lowered the higher bracket threshold (or at least didn't raise it like at Westminster), then they've raised the higher tax rate.

Honestly, it feels like every time I get something paid and settled, HMRC turns around like fucking Columbo and says "just one last thing, sir" at which point I know I'm getting shafted again.

BoJo announces a higher rate tax cut? Well that'll be from Westminster then, not Holyrood - I'll not bloody see it if it ever transpires. And just to rub salt in, the Scottish Parliament are talking about *dropping* corporation tax to 17%, making these Limited Company contractors just a little better off.

Maybe if people in my situation weren't persistently treated like a cash cow to subsidise their inflation-breaking pay rises (been a few years since I saw a raise, and every tax change has seen my take-home drop) people wouldn't be lured into going contract, and they wouldn't feel the need to twist and tear the regulations to pin down each and every person involved. I can certainly see the attraction of an extra grand a month in my pocket.

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