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And Harry could have saved six hours if he'd gone to the user's desk in the first place or got a sodding screenshot.


So easy to do.

Especially with external customers who may be in another suburb, or city, or country! Why, you can just jump on a train or plane and go see them!

"...Harry was enjoying a quiet morning when the shenanigans began. A ticket was raised by a team leader within the company complaining that "random lines were appearing on the website for a customer".

A borked customer-facing website is never a good thing so Harry quickly navigated to the site to take a look..."

I'd say a screenshot would've been great but.... Have you ever tried talking a customer through the difficult practice of doing that? He's still be on that bloody call right now!

No idea when this occurred, but perhaps it was back when home/SO users seldom upgraded software and red underlines for spell checking in text entry fields had just started? And perhaps, especially when these things first started, the customer was spelling most words perfectly correctly but the language was insisting on using that yankee bastardisation of the English language? :)

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