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Google: We're not killing ad blockers. Translation: We made them too powerful, we'll cram this genie back in its bottle


Ah, browser wars, with ads as the current skirmish.

Meself, I'm not married to any browser's feature set. Or perceived development philosophy, or whatever. I am dead set on having at least one browser set up to block ads, tracking, and Javascript.

So Firefox it is, with half a dozen extensions for those purposes. Chromium is used for paying a few bills, and -- well, posting this inane comment. Vivaldi is a third horse for me, with Javascript enabled but a simple popup blocker and a couple of privacy extensions added.

OK, choose the horse for the course. 95% of the time it's shields-up Firefox.

The larger issue: as long as the software offerings remain varied and competitive, users can vote with the mouse -- leave Chrome in droves, use Libre instead of MS Office, GIMP around instead of Photoshopping themselves. At least, that approach is possible if users are sufficiently flexible, and tasks are not absolutely chained to one single application or application suite. I tend to consider whether it would be more trouble to learn a different GUI and workflow than I am used to, or to put up with the inconvenience, insecurity, or monetary penalty of continuing with one particular application. Usually, change then wafts in upon the breezes, freshly.

All just ill-considered personal opinions, of course. IMHO, YMMV, etc.

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