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The in built blocks are getting in the way of controlling local equipment which have built in web interfaces.

And more. Firefox has become a real nanny that thinks it's the policeman of the internet, and the arbiter of what I can, and cannot, browse to.

I am the arbiter of my risk level and the tools I use to defend myself... not Mozilla.

This. So much this!

I run my own sites and while I use certs via Letsencrypt, it used to take some faffing around to get the certs working - different domains on different hardware but in the same IP - so one web server uses different port. Before the text challenge via DNS was available it wasn't trivial to get working certs to the right domains. Sometimes I wouldn't bother for a while.

Other stuff, as pointed out elsewhere in the thread, needs self-signed certs (192.168 stuff).

And then there's the sites that give family members a scare. I'd like to take a good look at them to evaluate the extent of the damage. I have VM's I can create and destroy quite quickly (virtualbox 'linked clone' or even 'full clone' if I wish - pretty sure 'linked clone' keeps a separate copy of changed files but sometimes I am not willing to take the risk - but then my VM's are throwaway anyway though one has been in use so long it's almost like a family member).

I'm a grown up. If I want to let an infection run its course to better understand the risk, get out of the way and let me see what's going on.

Maybe FF needs a "Pink Floyd " setting in about:config setting that gives us "we don't need no though control" mode?

(El Reg needs a "Flaming Homer" icon - combines the beer icon with the pissed-off flame icon!)

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