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Microsoft and dictionary

Microsoft Corp. today debuted a new version of its Power BI, which competes in the same category as Tableau Software Inc. Analysts can now extend the tool’s default vocabulary with technical terms unique to their industry, company-specific terms and synonyms to help it answer queries more accurately.

I told you a few hours ago, didn't I?

If the computer does not see individual words, their parts of speech and dictionary definitions - it can not construct the pattern "Alice trains a lot - 0.5" and the information is lost. Do you want to search your database knowing that you are destined to lose? Because of that Microsoft allowed to add technical terms and synonyms.

A dictionary is a universal index, that is the same definition can be used at any time and in any place. Therefore, in AI database you can instantly find everything you want, nothing is lost and Microsoft drifts toward this database.

What companies like OpenAI offer? They create their own dictionaries, which contain definitions only on phrases (patterns), not on singular words. Also, OpenAI uses not reduced to a single system and form, the same definitions but different texts. I guess Microsoft doesn't want OpenAI idea and decided to use words.

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