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How do causal relationships exist in AI ​​database? For example, a relationship between this sentence

- alice and bob exercise merrily, she trains a lot.

and this paragraph:

- Alice is tired. She ran a lot, swam and trained merrily.

In both the sentence and the paragraph there is the pattern "Alice trains(ed) a lot", which establishes a relationship.

But the timestamp of the sentence is older than for the paragraph, which allows to establish the cause-and-effect: the sentence is a parent for the paragraph. So searching "Does Alice exercise merrily?" you may get the answer "Alice is tired".

United States Patent 8,516,013

14. The computer system of claim 9 in which said facility configured to extract predicative phrases is further configured to assign to the subtexts information regarding the date of their origin.

AI database is a blockchain technology.

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