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Facial Recognition Horse Has Long Bolted

I find it difficult to figure out how you can ban facial recognition technology. The best we're going to be able to do in the US is make it inadmissable as evidence, but then it was never going to be primary evidence, just the means by which law enforcement can narrow down a search for suspects. We're told repeatedly that it doesn't work, it makes too many mistakes, it discriminates against such and such a group but as engineers we know that not only is it likely to work but its likely to get really good very quickly. (We're already rolling out facial recognition instead of boarding passes at some airports.)

Its an unfortunate fact of life that people only notice the problem with something when its too late to do anything about it. We've been living with intrusive surveillance technologies for a couple of decades, whether its ANPR or CCTV on every street corner (or just plain looking at your mail and messages) but apparently it was OK because it was always "the other guy", the bad one, that's affected. Just like the "first they came for the socialists" (Martin Niemoller) everyone rationalizes these things because they don't understand the implications and think those that raise the alarm are being unduly hysterical (or tainted?). Now the future is here. Enjoy!

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