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> I set FF privacy blocking to "strict" by default, which blocks (what Firefox thinks are) trackers and 3P cookies and it breaks a fair number of sites.

Something amusing happened to me earlier.

I was clicking through a few sites earlier looking for domains to add to my adlists, and hit a few sites that are known to through up weird and wonderful shit.

3 of those are sites that are owned by the Daily Mail group - though the third one I hadn't initially realised was.

Now, I don't know if you know how EFF's Privacy Badger works, but basically it watches your requests and keeps track of calls for third party resources. If it seems the same third party being referenced by completely different domains it decides there's a good chance it's a tracker.

So, it seems that the Mail's lot have referenced mailonline content from some of their other sites (like Metro). Privacy Badger has now decided that should be blocked, and I'm not inclined to tell it otherwise.

The reason I posted this little anecdote, is partly because it amused me, but also because I wonder whether Firefox is going to fall into similar traps (as I assume they're using similar logic under the hood, I've not looked).

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