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Re: This type of project is why you shouldn’t give your money to the EU.

Your whatabouttery is incorrect.

One of the Trump cards of the EU among the neoliberal consensus is that “yeah the EU is wasteful and corrupt, but so is all government”. It isn’t.

I have had the pleasure of managing some half dozen contracts in the multi-million range in each of the EU and U.K. research and governmental sectors. It is night and day.

The U.K. officials are technically astute, ask the right questions, have sensible strategic outlooks, and are broadly hands-off. They have usually worked extensively in the commercial industrial sector themselves and see broadly. They can however be commercially naive in writing contracts.

The EU officials have almost never worked in a truly commercial environment; but usually are Ecole Poly or equivalent, via Megacorp subsidised pork projects, to manage the self-same projects. They make decisions exclusively on pork basis. They are smart politically, meh technically, and dumb strategically.

What has been *your* personal experience of managing these research projects that you would like to tell the class?

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