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HPC processor project tosses architectural designs on desk of the European Commission

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This type of project is why you shouldn’t give your money to the EU.

So, the EU want to grow a European CPU manufacturer. I’m not entirely against that, if they could really make it happen.

They have a choice of unfortunately rather few key players with real experience and muscle. The ones that spring to mind are - ARM, Nordic, Dialog, NXP has European sites, Qualcomm/CSR. Swiss u-blox acquired a lovely little VLIW expansion of ARM with great horsepower per watt, widely sold commercially in GPS chips, which should work a treat for the massive vector workloads relevant to supercomputing.

And who did they pick to design the European CPU? Ummm.....a company called Kalray!

I play in this space myself, and no I hadn’t heard of them either, so I Googled. A company with 70 engineers, 60 of whom are PhDs - already, you know where this is going. Zero actual product in the field, basically just two PoC, and that at 28nm, but with Very Big PowerPoint Plans. Requires programming In A Weird Language to get the manycoreness to work (yeah, we’ve all seen these before) and no real tools expertise. A “roadmap” that shows them outperforming the Google TPU by 2021.

This is pork and incompetence of the highest calibre.

It just doesn’t matter how much we give the EU, how much they spend on Horizon2020 and whether U.K. companies get their fair share. What matters is whether the EU spends the resources in ways that benefit us or indeed anybody. And they don’t. They spend money on weird shit like this, on pork companies that never succeed in the real world. Every damn time.

Have a look at what happened to the Human Brain Project. A billion euros with the strategic spend so poorly allocated to weird inappropriate stuff that the neuroscience community itself has been signing petitions begging to stop the funding for their area.

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