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LibreOffice 6.3 hits beta, with built-in redaction tool for sharing those █████ documents

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Nobody is talking about cloning, but if you have to regularly exchange files with MS Office users, it can be a real pain.

LibreOffice's filters for importing or exporting MS Office formats is as bad as MS attempts at importing/exporting ODF files. Either way, neither party shines and the users suffer, if they have to regularly exchange files.

I used to use OO.o and LibreOffice on Linux, but I always had a Windows machine with MS Office in the corner of the office for checking and reformatting documents, before sending them out to customers. In the end, I gave up and went back to MS Office by default, because all my customers used MS Office and I was spending a third of my time checking and reformatting finished documents before sending them out.

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