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Also fed-up with Dell. I ordered an entry-level server with 16GB RAM instead of the baseline 8GB. The server arrived, but with only 8GB RAM. Called "customer support" to see if they could send the other 8GB RAM. After more than an hour on the phone with the the "support" person (located somewhere in India, and barely intelligble English), she determined that the only thing that could be done is to send the system back and they would send the correct server configuration. I got the replacement server in a few days, and it also had only 8GB memory. Called "customer support" again, got pretty much the same response that I return the unit and they would send one with the correct configuration. I get the replacement, and it too had only 8GB memory. Repeated call to "customer service". The agent this time said I would have to send the server back and they would have to cancel the order (which they did) because a customer can only have two returns on a single order.

After about a week, I get a call from the "Dell Triage Team" (the manager of the department and located in the U.S.). He offerred to send a 16 GB memory module and I could return the 8GB stick. I told him that would be good, if I had a server in which to install the memory. Bottom line was I had more than 10 hours in calls to dell and more than 40 e-mails in an attempt to resolve the issue and to get a refund when they refused to fix the problem in the first place. My opinion is if Dell are paying the "customer support" agents more than 27 cents (US) an hour, they are extremely over paid.

While waiting for the refund, I purchased an HP server and had it configured an in service in 1/10 th the time than it took me to deal with Dell with that mess.

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