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Some times small things are really amazing, funny, eye openers...

Not familiar with the G3 you mentioned, I was curious, and had a look. Searched for it and found 2 top search results; one in the US and one in the EU (Germany). Had look at both.

And then it's really funny to see the cultural divide. Where in Europe, Dell has no probs supplying the box with Linux/ Ubuntu installed (see the possible OS's to choose from under "Betriebssystem"), this seems to be too scary for US customers. Choice of OS in the US? Windows 10, Windows 10, and... (wait for it) Windows 10. The Linux option there only shows up if you can't choose and go for the "Help Me Choose" option. Helpful of course, because it's very difficult to choose between Windows 10, Windows 10, and Windows 10.</chuckle>

PS: Looking again, must be a German thing apparently; the UK Dell site does the same thing as the US one. Interesting...

PSPS: Nope, the French and Italians are also allowed to choose Linux. Would it have to do with the B-word? ☺

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