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Will NEVER buy a Dell again...

After buying a POS Alienware 15R2 that is more a lap warmer while surfing the web than anything else, then follow that up with 2 Dell Gaming 15s, and finally a Dell G3. All 4 bought over the past 3 years. The Alienware I called for support and they install a software that my AV software reports as a virus (needless to say a reinstall was shortly after that call), then I start getting calls from "Dell Concierge" saying my system has a virus. Yeah, riiiiight.

Fast forward to the 2 Gaming 15s, and a keyboard had the keys pop off a year after purchasing the laptops, they wanted to charge me $80 for a new keyboard when I had purchased their best warranty. Found out that the warranty was good for a one time "oops" per year, which this was not.

Then the last straw was ordering the G3. It was to be my daughter's birthday/graduation gift. It was to show up 3 days before her birthday (I asked three times to ensure I had the date right), giving me just enough time to re-image the system with a fresh install of the OS to remove all the bloatware that Dell loves so much. I call three days prior to find out the tracking label as the site showed it "in route". Was told they had no shipping information as it was in the middle of the Pacific. WTF! The day it was supposed to arrive on my doorstep I finally get a tracking number, and it is coming FedEx Ground from California. I blew a gasket, called them up and chewed them up one side and down the other trying to get them to get it to me next day. They offered me $100 of stuff off the Dell site to try and calm me down. Told them this was the final straw, and that I would be closing my account out.

The G3 incident was last year. I am so glad I will never order crap from them again. All the above systems I purchased the best possible warranty for (4yr on-site premium support), and aside from the Alienware normally get someone that I can barely understand. Yeah, never a again Dell, rot in Hell.

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