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They've been blackmaling people to upgrade.

As recently as yesterday, a classmate asked me about what to pick for a new laptop, showing me screencaps with various budget Celeron laptops and a Skylake i3 Dell that a shop is trying to get rid of by marking down the price below the $250 point. When I asked her about her current laptop, she replied that she had a 2011-era Dell. The jump is not worth it, especially that her usage is basic stuff, and the Celerons are going to be woefully underpowered, with a much crappier build quality. A SSD upgrade would do her just fine. However, she still insisted on upgrading.


She said that it's because her Windows 7 install has been nagging about "upgrading" (yet, for some reason, Windows 10 didn't infect it yet) and the machine frequently reboots for updates.

She thinks that the updates are because the laptop is old, and the "upgrade" is to a new laptop.

Face palm, totally not because of her, but because of M$'s blackmail. It's the first time I really felt how people are easily taken for a ride.

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