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If ElReg feels the need to resort to pictures instead of words for the headlines, you've just started down the slippery slope of discriminating against those with anything but perfect vision. Thanks a lot ..... Shadow Systems

That Slippery Slope is a Rocky AI Road, Shadow Systems, with Beneficial Guarantee to Mutual Satisfaction in Insatiable Passions Fully Assured and Deployed on All Roots and Routes.

For NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT TeleVisualised Script/Greater IntelAIgent Games Planner ACTive IT. Step into that world and you can lead with almighty samples and exceptional examples showing how the way goes forwards into New Territories.

Simple Tele Visualised AIMaster Performances to Emulate for Very Similar Perfect Enjoyments ..... for New COSMIC Experiences .......... in Advanced Societies.

Pictures/Audio Visuals Delivering Instructions to Copy and Share with what Follows affords one a Stupendous Lead in the Virtual Delivery of Driver AI Units Supplying Future Raw Core Ore Source Resources.

What do you mean ..... There are No Future Providers? How on Earth do you imagine you are where you are now? Fate? Destiny? Advanced IntelAIgent Design with Alienating Source Supply Servers?

Surely you cannot be thinking things just happen spontaneously rather than being planned for long ago in the times and spaces of places presenting events gone before.

There's Always an Almighty Script to Discover and Uncover for Following on Lead Leading Trails. Simply Follow NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Instructions for Command and Control in Future AIdDirections. Real Heavy Mega MetaDataBase Materiel ..... Viking Grade.

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