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While big orange spectre haunts certain Chinese firms, fiscal '19 treated Lenovo rather well

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Re: Just remember that Lenovo used to be IBM

>So Lenovo are perfectly safe and patriotic to use for all you USAsians

Its indicative of our administrations 'shoot first, think about what we're aiming at later' approach that they haven't figured out just how much of the kit that they use in government (including the White House) is either made in China or has a significant number of Chinese components in it. They just don't understand global supply chains -- anything more complex than a hat with a slogan printed on it is beyond them.

Lenovo probably doesn't need lobbyists. If the supply of their computing hardware was pinched off American business would be very unhappy. Dell might find that good for business but I can't help wondering where Dell gets their sub-assemblies from (that is, just how much of a Dell computer originates from China). Its the global supply chain again....

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