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Microsoft gently leads workhorse Windows Server 1903 for a pad around the paddock


While i'm no fan of GIGANTIC NEAR MONOPOLY COMPANIES OF ANY SORT, I do must admit admiration for AND give kudos to Microsoft for their Windows Server Software !!! To put it simply, it's a DREAM to work with! NO OTHER OPERATING SYSTEM has the ease of use and central user/user-group management properties of Active Directory!

It's also a good thing I'm not the one paying for it all because DAMN, it's gettin' up there in terms of yearly support contract costs! It's starting to remind me of yesteryear's 80's-era VAX minicomputer and IBM Mainframe contracts with their $150,000 to $750,000 per year cheque-writing feasts at the local Calgary, Alberta locationed, Lustrous-Dark-Cherry-wooded, 16 oz Porterhouse and 25 year old Scotch-infused fancy eateries with the local DEC/IBM sales people! At least THEY paid for the $2500 food and bar bill !!!

Mind you, my latest server is only $48,000 CAN and not the $2.5 Million CAN we paid then! Plus it's hundreds of times more powerful than those old beasts!


Anyways ... I loooooooooove Active Directory !!! Good on ya for that Microsoft! Sooooooo, how about paying for a once-a-year Steakhouse and Bar bill ???


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