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Microsoft gently leads workhorse Windows Server 1903 for a pad around the paddock

Hans 1

Why is El Reg almost three months late with announing the release of Windows Server 1903 or has Microsoft postponed release by almost three months and stuck to the same name, again ? MS, you know, there are these things one makes in life called ... mistakes ... if you do not learn from them, then you are a bunch morons, no ifs, buts, or maybes and you tend to repeat them.

So I see two solutions, here (I always see solutions):

1. You aim to release a Windows version in December, so that it is ready in March and you can keep your fancy names, likewise for October, tell all Microsofties you plan to release in July.

2. You aim to release a Windows version in March, so that it is ready in June and you call it Windows yy06, at least then you do not look like total cunts every 6 months ... Oh wait, you do already, you distribute Windows.

PS: Why am I helping them ?

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