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Space Engineers!

So looks like I have something in common with real astronauts!

The Lunar Module Pilot exclaimed "SON OF A BITCH" over the open microphone as the spacecraft corkscrewed over the surface.

I do that in Space Engineers, often followed by a mental note to add gyros (or more gyros) if I or my craft survive the experience.

As for toggles, this is why I like RealSwitches(tm). So presumably a checklist could be to check switch is toggled up/down/left/right, and fingers can feel that a whole lot easier than if it's a fake button on a touch screen.

But I guess that episode also demonstrated why it's a good idea to have people that can fly/not panic and survive, rather than placing their trust in software written by a coder who doesn't have skin in the game. Or just dead by bug.

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