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I like to imagine life as the people in these stories...

As a judge, how do you face the court with a straight face? You have to sit in your judge office at the back there and pour over the details of the case. Does it include photos? What sort of evidence are we talking here? Is it possible to look sternly at people collecting dildo data while telling them to knock it off?

Who is the lawyer that had to present the sentence, "Well technically it's not wiretapping because it's a bluetooth dildo, so..." and what sort of thought processes were involved in coming up with that argument? What do they say when their families ask "How was work?"

Can you imagine the dev life in that company? Like do they have meetings where the product testers give feedback to the dev team? What do the minutes of those meetings look like? Who pours over all that collected data? Are they thinking, "Hmmm, quite a few people like it supermaxed. Maybe we need to add a superdupermax-extreme speed" *writes product manager an email*.

So many questions... Personally, I think this article focused on all the wrong issues.

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