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Nvidia keeping mum on outlook for year as data centre slows, channel chokes on crypto crap



Not sure why they thought the RTX woudl be good for mining anyways.

Vega has any Nvida card smashed in Hash per $, Vega Vii is the king, as GPU mining is usually limited by Memory bandwidth. 1TBs HBM2 on Vii compared to 616GB/s on a 2080ti (even a moderatly overclocked memeory on a old Vega 64 has more memeory bandwidth than a 2080Ti).

So ridiculously overpriced RTX series not fit for mining, even if ETH price was still high, Gamers getting not a lot more for 2x the price. But will they do the sensible thing and drop the margins to clear the stock? Nope they will just delay launching anything new untill the old crap is gone.

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