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DEC (was Re: SGI,...)

DEC was a poisoning acquisition for Compaq as above. Silicon carrion in the form of an ossified, arrogant brand. Not a healthy acquisition.

We must have lived in different universes then. At the time Compaq gobbled Digital, Digital's Alpha AXP systems were plainly the best architecture for high-performance computing applications - in terms of the raw performance, the price per achievable flops, the toolchain support, and the hardware build quality.

At about that time, I had some 100 of these beasties running in a self-built little cluster, which managed to beat some of national-level supercomputing centers on application performance - despite costing an order of magnitude less to buy and operate.

In just a few years, Compaq managed to squanter that techical brilliance, while fully preserving and internalising the worst excesses of the Digital's management and sales styles. Quite a feat, if you ask me.

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