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So long Cray.. we’ll miss you

So... what about the obvious implications that this leaves the US with only one supercomputer vendor? ugh

I mean really, if Cray can’t manage to be a player with the US dumping exascale contracts on them... the US deserves to be screwed. The US government should have been dumping cash on SGI and Cray for years. Instead, they forced them into bidding wars against each other which allowed a non-super computer acquisitions and merged chip shop to suck them both up leaving the US without even one legitimate HPC vendor in 3-5 years.

Do a search in SGI and find out what HPe has done since buying them... nothing. They ran what was left of them into the ground.

What about Cray? Cray does a lot of cool things. Storage, interconnects, cooling, etc... at one time HP did this too. And if HPe didn’t suck at HPC, they wouldn’t need to buy Cray. They could actually compete head on. But, no... they have no idea what they’re doing.

Want to see what’s left of HPe... google HPe research and show me even one project which doesn’t seem as interesting as Mamma June on the cover of Hustler?

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