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Police ICT Company kills £500m procurement, no longer wants one box shifter to rule them all


No overall policy from the Home Office

43 Police Forces all delivering the same basic services to the public.

43 different systems.

43 different ideas on how to firewall it.

43 different ways on how to connect it

43 different budget percentages

43 ...

43 ...

If you want to keep costs down, standardise the approach, standardise the systems. Join up the systems completely, not piecemeal. Look at the unification of strategy.

The trouble is, you won't get any unification whilst there are individual Crime Commisioners who would go if the forces joined up. There would need to be a rethink there too.

It is all about little feifdoms! As long as the Home Office allows this, the costs will rise and rise and the systems will move from one problem to another.

As a country we are very poor at large scale management. Could do better!

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