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Ah a new and innovative idea to get coppers what they need.....


A fair few moons ago when I worked at a police force I had the pleasure of working under the Sprint II procurement rules.

You weren't allowed to say exactly what you wanted, you had to give a high level description of a functionality you wanted and then SCC would go and find a solution for you and implement it.

It never worked that way.

My observation was that SCC would go direct to a vendor of their preference (whoever was paying most for beer tokens and corporate hospitality) and then tell you that you needed to buy their solution for amounts that would make your member recede back into your body.

When my account manager got fed up of touting things that we never went for came to me wondering why we never put anything through him I gave him a radical solution. Let me go off and talk to vendors and I'll do the dog work putting together POC's and technical evaluations and they can come to you pricing. Much better. I got what we wanted/needed at the price we were willing to pay (as I was negotiating the budget) and the vendors know what price point we can do a deal on and the SCC guy got his commission. Everyone walks away happy.

Why not empower the teams to have ownership of the solution......

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