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I have directly or indirectly been a Vodafone customer since the company was founded.

Customer Service (or should that be Customer Disservice ?) has got worse in an exponential manner. It was certainly decent pre-2000. The first decade of the new millennium was passable. But now ? Its horrific !

Not only that, but there is zero loyalty recognition. Through my work I know of one account that has been a Vodafone customer (under the same name and account number) for at least 15 years and spending a decent chunk of money each month for the majority of those years. The only vague recognition of loyalty the customer got was when they finally got fedup with the state of Vodafone and called up for their PAC codes. At that point, the desperate offers being made by the sales-droid were quite extraordinary. However given the customer knew the post-sales experience at Vodafone, they pushed ahead with their migration.

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