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> The state may not have invented them quite as early as "free enterprise" did, but I would contend that once the technology was possible, they would eventually have invented them.

And just where would they have got the technology from?

It was the needs of another branch of free enterprise that led to the technology. I really don't think the state would have brought about the building step required. "The State" tends to favour the status quo, introducing steam power pumps adversely impacted those with a vested interest in using animal power for that task. Replacing the existing technology with something new has recently become known as "disruption" and "The State" isn't going to disrupt things*, it upsets too many people at too many levels. If mining were state controlled then they would probably not seen the need for deeper mines, they'd have just moved on to alternative shallow mines. Going deeper was driven by a mine owner only owning that one mine, if they wanted more out of it they needed to go deeper.

Your example of turnpikes BTW is another example of organisation and not invention. Roads are an ancient idea. I used to live just by a road that was ancient when the pyramids were built, animals produce tracks and roads are just an evolution of those. Turnpikes weren't new, they were just better organised roads.

(*) except where war'ish environments exist. Only then do mavericks manage to drive through radical changes.

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