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Why the downvotes? Does it not fit with your world view or something?

Abelio - Owned by the Dutch national rail operator

West Midlands Trains - Abellio

Greater Anglia - 60% owned by Abellio

Stanstead Express - 60% owned by Abellio

MerseyRail - Abellio and Nederlandse Spoorwegen (both Dutch Govt owned) + Serco.

c2c - Owned by an Italian Govt owned rail operator.

Arriva - Deutsche Bahn (private company with one share holder, the German Govt.)

Chiltern Trains - Owned by Arriva

CrossCountry - Owned by Arriva

Northern - Owned by Arriva

Great North Western Railway - Arriva (due to start operation in Sept'19)

SouthEastern - Owned by Govia->Keolis->SNCF (French Govt), jointly with Go Ahead

Transport for Wales - Keolis (SNCF) and Amey.

That's a pretty large chunk of the UK rail services owned by European governments.

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