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"I'm not a cyclist hater, I see many more stupid and dangerous things done every day by drivers than cyclists. But I think cyclist have some 'evangelists' that go out tooled up with cameras looking for trouble and that engenders a lot of bad feeling."

I've been a cyclist for about 5 years now and the police do <u>fuck all</u> even with evidence when a serious offence is reported to them. It's unfair to criticise people for having an inexpensive camera mounted to their (probably expensive) transport to pursue a prosecution, when the chance of being killed in a minor crash is high. I don't have a camera but i see why so many do.

RE: Valerion: "I've never seen a car do the same"

You've never seen a car pass a red light? That must be a lie. I see them every day on the way back from work. I even see them driving on the wrong side of the road commonly, and without lights on in the dark some evenings. I'd love more traffic police around and speed cameras.

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