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"Cyclists aren't a separate species"

Can you show me where I said otherwise?

"Do you now see why your post is ludicrous?"

Your post has absolutely zero bearing on what I wrote. Quantities and percentages of riders/drivers have nothing to do with simple physics. Fact is, in a fight between an automobile and a bike, the bike loses. Every time. In my opinion, bicycalistotards forgetting this very, very simple fact is foolhardy at best. Suicidal at worst.

Couple the above with ASSUMING that the idiot in the cage can/has seen them is just plain daft. Bicycalistotards need to stop assuming they can ride offensively, and they should start driving defensively. Logic dictates it, if nothing else.

Note that I'm not calling for bikes to get off the road. Far from it, I ride a bike myself. What I'm calling for is bikes to SHARE the road, not assume that THEY own it. Which is the state of affairs we have in San Francisco at the moment.

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