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If the bicycle riders would learn a little basic physics they would probably stay out from under 1 ton+ motorized vehicles. The old equation f=ma doesn't change just because your are a holier than thou exercise freak with delusions of saving the planet.

Share the road, bicyclistotards ... you don't own it. Not even in San Francisco, the national home of terminally insane local government, where they deal with the homeless problem by throwing massive amounts of money at them, thus ensuring that they are attracted like moths to a flame. Build it, and they will come, SF.

(I live in Sonoma; most of us up here think of SF as an awful speed-bump that has to be traversed to get from Marin and points North to San Mateo and points South. It definitely isn't a place to stop, nor is it a destination. 'orrible, 'orrible, grotty hell-hole of a city. Not as sad and filthy as New York, London, Paris or Rome, but they are working on it.)

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