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What's that? Uber isn't actually worth $82bn? Reverse-gear IPO shows the gig (economy) is up

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PT Barnum

Didn't PT Barnum say something about a suckers being born every minute? Uber, Lyft, and the other 'darlings' of the idiot press (not the competent press) are bad bets as they are not profitable nor look to every be consistently profitable. Sooner or later they will burn through the cash with a rather messing crash and burn. It is as if the IPO was the only way to payoff the vultures who had invested in Uber before they go belly up.

Uber's primary 'advantage' is their app, something that can be duplicated by a conventional taxi company. The only other 'advantage' they have is they operate in more locations. But this is only important to some road warriors not to locals or most travelers. So they really do not offer a major advantage to over a conventional taxi when you step back and look at them.

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