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Mods I have known, Mods I have loved, Mods I have hated: Motorola's failed experiment is now a savvy techie's dream


I have all the mods I have wanted, most purchased new for 50% off on Black Friday deals, except the glass screen case backing. I bought the original Z Force and definitely plan to upgrade to the Z4 or Z4 Force. My battery is so shot I don't use mods except on vacation now, but as others have noted, that is where it really shines. I can meet someone new, take and print a picture of them. I can zoom into the details of an interesting frame, though not at night. I can project a movie anywhere I want. I can make sure to have a great speaker with me that I otherwise would not bring. I can top up my battery towards the end of a tour on a boat when I wasn't sure I would need to. I can even go an extra day without electricity. The one mod I don't use enough would probably be the gaming mod. As the author noted, the software compatibility just isn't there even though it's a fantastic hardware interface. Oh, and the 360 camera is underrated. Sure, it occasionally blows out highlights and is ironically terrible in anything resembling low light, but to this day, no other image I have captures the 360 degree view of Having Bay at its best point that I have got. By far the best part of the mods is that most of them work with the phone on full airplane mode, which helps you conserve battery a lot while using them. This is particularly useful in foreign countries where you don't yet have a SIM card or are traveling someplace with nearly no service, such as the Casamance in Senegal or the mountains of northern Vietnam. I realize it's a bit more niche, but when you are traveling in those kinds of places, it's very helpful to maximize your battery life without needing an outlet for as long as possible. Anyway, I just wish Moto followed through on keyboard support for the Livermorium!

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