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>Yeah, great for selfies ..... of your nose hair.

The zoom doesn't work for closeups, can't focus. There's a tolerable macro mode, but you do have to hold the lens close...

People have become very accepting of non-zoomable (and otherwise deeply compromised) phone cameras. Sticking the Hasselblad mod onto a phone is a pleasure. A fair number of my photos are of various animals, at distances where a regular phone camera, no matter how good, would just show a blob. Maybe not your use case, but I'm enjoying it, and the photos are keepers. You can go (relatively) full manual if you want. Sometimes it's nice to force things.

Having it in my pocket at all times - in a way that I don't for real cameras, means it gets a lot of use, and the results aren't as disappointing as they tend to be with phone cameras. Google Photos integration means the photos get pushed to reliable storage without hassle.

It's not the best camera in the world, but it's a set of compromises that fits me nicely, especially at the price point that AO points out. I've got no particular bone to pick.

When I use the native camera on the phone, or my (works) iphone8, I remember why I like the mod. I got here via N95 and N8, both of which had notable cameras for the time - maybe I just like that sort of thing.

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